Every Keen Traveller Needs These Travel Apps

In a day where there is an app for everything, even deciding the baby name you should use, it is no surprise that when it comes to travelling the best advice and tips you need come at you from the palm of your hand.

From planning to packing to surviving in the new city, these apps will keep you organised, safe and respected by the locals.



If you want to know when the cheapest time to book your flights is, download this free app. Select your destination and the app will tell you when the cheapest time is to go on this holiday. You can then watch to see if this changes before you book. Every dollar counts!


Packing Pro

If you are a little type A, this is a great packing app for you. Giving you the option to pick from different categories this app will make the most organised person feel like they are in heaven.


If you want to create an organised yet stylish travel wardrobe and boast an app like Cher from Clueless for your wardrobe this is what you need to get your hands on. Sure, photographing all of your clothes takes some time … but once it is done think how great you will look!


Select your destination, travel dates, purpose of travel and activities you are planning on indulging in and this app will do the rest. It will check the weather during your stay in order to filter your suggested packing needs accordingly.

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