Everyone’s Ultimate Teenage Crush Chad Michael Murray Got Smoking Hot

Take a moment and think back to your teens, when you spent your days watching One Tree Hill and A Cinderella Story while gazing into the dreamy eyes of Chad Micheal Murray.

Remember that time he ran up the stairs to find Hilary, loving her for who she was and then they kissed in the rain and ran away together to Princeton where they lived Happily Ever After.


Yup. We remember it too and our lives have never been the same thanks to Chad’s character.

Well ladies I have some fantastic news for you. Chad is still an absolute dreamboat and we would stick a poster of him up on our wall!

Wow, #ChadMichaelMurray is at the top of his style game. (?: Getty Images)

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It has been a while since we have seen our Prince Charming, but he has been making movies and the like. As you do.

Here he is on the red carpet for his latest movie Oulaws and Angels with his beautiful wife.

Brb, watching Cinderella Story.