Everything You Need To Plan The Perfect Honeymoon

In your mind a honeymoon is probably rose petals on your bed, late night strolls hand in and hand down the beach and the excitement of watching countless sunsets with your new husband or wife. For some people the honeymoon is even far more exciting than the wedding.

It is all these expectations that put pressure on your big holiday and raise countless questions such as; where should you go? How do you compromise on a location and how long should you stay? To ensure your post-wedding celebrations aren’t dampened by a temper tantrum, we have found some tips and tricks for planning your honeymoon.

Should you embark on an action-packed adventure, an escape to paradise, a culture trip or get back to nature? Take some tips from the Lonely Planet’s Honeymoon Handbook and ask yourself a few simple questions to determine which of these trips you both should take.

  1. How would you describe your approach to life?
    a) Full of new challenges: I love setting myself goals to achieve
    b) Calm and consistent: I find my routine reassuring
    c) Super social: I like meeting new people and seeing friends
    d) Spontaneous: I’ll try anything once
  2. What’s your spirit animal?
    a) An elephant
    b) A dolphin
    c) A cat
    d) A horse
  3.  What’s your social network of choice?
    a) Facebook: I like to show friends and family what I’m up to
    b) Pinterest: I’m always dreaming about my next project
    c) Twitter: I need to keep up to date on the latest news and trends
    d) Instagram: I love sharing photos of all the amazing things I see
  4. What sort of camera do you own?
    a) A GoPro
    b) An iPhone
    c) A vintage film camera
    d) A digital SLR

You can find the rest of the questions in the book. Once you have settled on your chosen adventure style, here are a few options that will leave you both happy and loved up.


Action-packed adventure





‘One of the first things we do in the late afternoon while visiting National Park viewpoints is to set up a camera to capture time lapse video. It’s a marvel to reflect upon the whole of a sunset experience, the landscape changing beneath the sunset. This scene unfolded at one of the most beloved overlooks – the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park: Hopi Point. I love this photo because when I look at it I recall the evening—the experience—comprised of all of the others who were there buzzing around taking photos, selfies, talking, laughing… and having my own quiet moment, glimpsing the Colorado River at the bottom of the canyon which we would hike to the next day on our rim-to-rim adventure. Amazing!’ – @istefpayne #lpInstaTakeover #LonelyPlanet #LPNationalParks #USA #NPS100 @NatlParkService @grandcanyonnps

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An escape to paradise




‘Do you have a favourite park so far?” We are asked this question often and rarely have a solid response – and this photo illustrates exactly why that is such a difficult question to answer. All of the #US National Parks are so very different from one another. Every kind of climate and terrain, live bio-diverse habitats of plants and animals, geology and water bodies telling the tales of time, and the darkest skies in the U.S. giving way to sublimely starry nights. There is a park for everyone. And a park like this one, #VirginIslands National Park in the #Caribbean, really is for everyone. Who doesn’t want to sit in this chair on a dreamy beach like this one hugged by wilderness and warmed by the sun?!’ – @istefpayne #lpInstaTakeover #LonelyPlanet #LPNationalParks #USA #NPS100 @NatlParkService

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A culture trip




Get back to nature



If these aren’t your style, Lonely Planet has uncovered the top five foodie honeymoons.

1) Vietnam

2) Southern Australia

3) San Sebastián, Spain

4) Japan

5) Emilia-Romagna, Italy
At the end of the day, a honeymoon is about compromise (thankfully the book has tips on that) romance and of course sticking to a budget because we all know post-wedding funds aren’t always as high as we may like.

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