EXCLUSIVE: We Chatted To Georgia Nott From Broods About Their VNZMA Nominations

Ever wondered what it felt like to wake up one day and realise that you were living the dream you had as a six-year-old? Well this is exactly what has happened for Georgia Nott, one half of New Zealand brother-sister duo, Broods.

Last year was a big year for the two, but it was just a taster for this year; an American tour, TV appearances, a move to LA and a new album.

We chatted with Georgia about the nomination and got the low-down on life.

You have been nominated for five awards at the Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards, how does that feel?
 I think for us last year was one of the most amazing nights ever for being noticed how hard we have been working since we have been kids in our music and our writing and to have that be honoured and noticed by the rest of New Zealand is pretty hard to wrap your head around. It is pretty surreal.

You’ve had a pretty crazy year, what was it like performing on The Late Late Show With James Corden?
That was fun too, yeah, I’ve lost track of when what happened. Those kind of things are always nerve-wracking though. You build yourself up to one performance at the end of the night and I got the most glammed up I have ever been in my life wearing this really awesome suit and you are like ‘I’m ready, I know this song back to front,  I wrote it’ but, when you get up there when I am really nervous I get the driest throat. That one went well, I still haven’t watched it cause I am too scared to watch myself on TV.

It must be so weird seeing yourself on TV and on the cover of magazines?
It’s so cringe. On the front of magazines that’s quite amazing cause it never happens, that’s a novelty. TV, when you are hearing yourself sing on TV it is so weird, I am usually hearing it on a recording but when you watch it on TV you’re just like ‘cringe’.

New Zealand Summer is so close, who is on your Summer Playlist?
Vera Blue, she is insanely amazing. She is an Aussie artist that kind of combines folk and electronic.

Who is your favourite New Zealand Designer?
Georgia Alice, I think I am a bit biased cause I love her as well but I think she is just innovative she has her brand on lock down. I really like all New Zealand designers, they have things that are a little more special and out there.

To find out what is next for Broods and how Georgia is finding life in LA, grab the December/January issue of M2 Woman out 31st October.

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