Expert Tips For Helping Your Hair Grow Faster

There are some girls who have naturally long, luscious locks that blow in the wind like a model (there are also some of us who get hair in our mouths and look like we have been dragged backwards through a bush). Either way, we all lust over long locks whether we have them or not – or whether it is our challenge to make our hair grow like Rapunzel.

At the moment my hair is the longest it has ever been, and it feels wonderful. I’m not 100% sure what I did (maybe the excessive avocado I have been eating!) Whether your hair is near or far from the length you desire to be a mermaid, here are a few expert tips to help your hair grow.


Surprisingly, a haircut actually helps.

Every time I go the hairdressers for a treatment or colouring I beg the hairdresser not too take too much length off when I am trying to help my hair grow and every time I get told the same thing – a trim will help. I didn’t believe them (because I am stubborn like that). Recently I had a hairdresser explain it to me and it all make so much more sense. The reason we need a trim is because if we don’t our split end will run up the whole strand meaning at the end of a year or so without trims we will be left with frizzy, split-end heavy hair.

Don’t shampoo your hair every time you are in the shower.

I’m not one of these people who washes my hair every time I shower, it is far too much effort. But last week after some poor planning (some forgetfulness and a sweaty gym session), I ended up washing my hair 3 days in a row and I found out first hand why you definitely shouldn’t wash your hair every day. It was so dry afterwards, seems the experts know what they are talking about.  Emily Woodstrom of HAIRitage ‘Hous told Style Caster that washing your hair everyday removes natural oils and proteins, therefore drying it out.

Brush your hair as if you were Rapunzel.

One of the smallest life pleasures is getting your hair brushed by someone else, and if all else fails it is pretty nice to brush your own hair. Brushing your hair not only adds shine and life to your hair, but it also helps it grow (according to grandma’s tales at least). Just make sure you don’t want your hair wet (hello breakages) and pick the best hairbrush – if in doubt go for a paddle brush! Just make sure you are gentle, Medical Daily reported that aggressive brushing is related to hair loss and thinning.

Drench your hair in cold water before getting out of the shower.

While this isn’t that pleasant at the end of your shower, apparently it is amazing for your hair. Not only does it seal in the moisture of your hair and increase shine (sounds wonderful), it also can help flatten out some fizz.

Inject some vitamins and other goodies into your diet.

Vitamin A, C and D  are good for hair growth, each focusing on unique factors such cell growth (Vitamin A), collagen production (Vitamin C) and Healthy follicle growth (Vitamin D). It is also important to stock up on Biotin; think Salmon, avocados, eggs and peanut butter. Biotin is a B vitamin, but it plays such a significant role that we need to know all about it.  As with anything, don’t over do it without checking with a health professionals advice.

At the end of the day, it is hard to make your hair grow faster. Instead, you need to focus on making your hair healthy.