Experts All Agree, This Is What You Need To Do To Save Your Dehydrated Skin

Summer is officially over, and as we all let out a collective cry and yearn for the long, hot summer days, our skin and hair is letting out a breath of relief.

Sure, they loved being sun kissed, bleached, in sea-salted curls and adorned with freckles but they weren’t too fond of being dried, dehydrated and damaged.
It’s easy to forgot to care for these simple things as much as we wanted – goodness know we hope you at least applied sunblock though!  If your hair and skin is setting up an SOS call, do not fret. We have everything you need to save your skin this autumn.
Freckles are cute, heck people are even getting them tattooed on their faces! But that doesn’t mean we should let our faces get too sun-kissed to the point of burn, damage and wrinkles.
Now that our skin is damaged (whoops) we need to know how to fix it.

Restore and replenish

First things first, we need to replenish nutrients back into our skin. Sukin Brand and Communications Manager Lisamarie Pejovnik,  suggests using facial oils in your routine, such as Rosehip Oil which “possesses high nutrient properties of Essential Fatty Acids, Lycopene and vitamins to help maintain optimal skin health and combat the signs of ageing.” Most importantly, we need to remember to do this all the time. “At Sukin HQ, we are strong believers of nourishing our skin all year round. The most common mistake people make is thinking that you should only use oils in the winter when it’s cold and your skin is typically dehydrated. It is so important to impart moisture back into your skin also in the warmer months after sun exposure.”
MECCA expert and Specialist Trainer at MECCA Brands, Lenita Seker said that to replenish our skin we should be looking out for Hyaluronic Acid in our skincare products. “It has the amazing ability to retain 1,000 times its own weight in water!In turn, this boosts skin’s moisture content and helps to plump the look of your skin, so all skin types can benefit from this ingredient.”  Some products we should look out for include;

Mario Badescu Hyaluronic Day Cream If, like me you are a bit of a newbie when it comes to this ingredient, this is a good place to start. With an affordable price point and rave reviews on the Mecca’s site its a winner!

If you are a pro and want to up your game;

Dr. Dennis Gross Hyaluronic Moisture Cushion 

By Terry Hyaluronic Eye Primer

Kate Somerville DermalQuench Clear Treatment

Seker said Vitamin C is another must have ingredient. “[It]  will brighten the skin; fight against free radical damage, strengthen collagen and treat the look of pigmentation caused by sun damage. Drunk Elephant C-Firma™ Day Serum is one of the most potent sources of this wonder-ingredient and is used during the day underneath moisturiser.


All of the experts agree that the number one thing to do is exfoliate our summer skin to replenish and restore the soft, beautiful skin we had pre-days on the beach.
ALPHA-H Liquid GoldIf you want an easy way to exfoliate, this product is what you need to get your hands on. Designed for use on the face, neck and décolletage – just wipe it on with a cotton pad, similar to how you use a toner.  It contains glycolic acid, which effectively exfoliates skin, lifting away old cells, without the need for a gritty, mechanical exfoliant.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

The best way to give your skin a boost of hydration and notice immediate results is with a sheet mask, adored by k-beauty! The best sheet masks I have ever used that leave me glowing from the minute I take them off (seriously) are:
Mecca Lit from Within Sheet Mask – This baby will brighten your complexion and hydrate your skin straight away. I have sensitive skin and this mask is a dream! Just don’t apply this when sunburned or you will notice a slight tingling.
Neutrogena Hydro Boost Mask This mask is made with a unique fabric contour design, which stretches and closely hugs your face.  The mask is said to be clinically proven to “provide long lasting moisture, so skin looks hydrated, radiant and glowing”. Normally I second guess these kind of things but I have used these in the past and after every use I feel a little brighter and my skin feels so soft.


Now that we are getting our skin back on track, we need to know how to prevent damage. Note: this is not just a summer thing, we need to prevent our skin from the suns rays all year round!  So, what should we do? It’s simple really – wear SPF all year round.
“Prevention is definitely better than correction, so a product with SPF is required everyday!” Bridget Crone from Mood Skin and Beauty says.
The key thing to do is find a sunscreen that is specifically created for our faces so they are gentle, sheer and most of all don’t make us break out.
Neutrogena® Ultra Sheer Fluid SPF50 – Over summer I used this sunscreen while I was lazing on the beach (on the sunny days we managed to get). My face not only appreciated the SPF50 but it also didn’t break out like it does with most sunscreens. In fact, the sunscreen was moisturising and a great makeup base for summer events where I popped on some foundation. 
Mecca Cosmetica To Save Face Superscreen SPF 50+ is one of the holy grail products sold at Mecca, with nearly everyone who uses it loving how easy it is to apply under makeup.