Experts Say If You Don’t Have Coeliac Disease A Gluten Free Diet Is Bad For You

Gluten free diets have become the new fad diet, with many celebrities attributing their slim, non-bloated frame to their new-found diet that eliminated foods containing wheat, barley and rye. However, eliminating these food could actually be harmful for those without coeliac disease.

Dr Norelle Reilly of Columbia University Medical Centre in New York said that gluten-free products contain higher amounts of fat and sugar and lack a lot of nutrients such as folate, iron, and B vitamins.

“There is no evidence that processed gluten-free foods are healthier nor have there been proven health or nutritional benefits of a gluten free diet,” Reilly told The Telegraph. “There are no data to support the theory of intrinsically toxic properties of gluten in otherwise healthy adults and children.”

It seems that unnecessarily relying on a gluten-free diet can up the risk of obesity, diabetes, and resistance against insulin.

With a flourishing gluten-free food industry, more and more people are assuming that eating gluten free is healthy, whether you can or cannot handle gluten. The overall message? Everything in moderation unless you have been told to cut down or avoid gluten. Don’t fall victim to the ‘trendy’ diet.


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