Experts Say You Eating These Foods Will Boost Your Metabolism

Let’s be honest, when we hit our 20’s everything changed. Our ability to party like a rock star and survive the next day went down the drain, our bed time got significantly earlier and our metabolism started to slow down like a tired sloth climbing a really tall tree.

While we have accepted the first two sacrifices our bodies and lives have made for age, we refuse to accept the latter. Thankfully, there are some dietitian approved foods and drinks that can help you speed up your metabolism.

1. Green Tea
This tea is rich in antioxidants and has so many healthy benefits, one of which is boosting your metabolism.

2. Bananas
Perfect any time of the day, this fruit is loaded with potassium, which according to Newgent “helps regulate minerals and fluids in and out of your cells,” which can “potentially increase basal metabolism”.

3. Eggs
An egg a day is all it takes! Poach, scramble or hard-boil them for breakfast, morning tea or lunch. A study found that an egg breakfast encouraged 65% greater weight loss in overweight and obese people following a reduced-calorie diet plan.

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