Facebook Rejects Group’s Body Positive Event Because The Image Showed “Muffin Tops”

Facebook has caused quite a stir recently after they banned an image of plus-sized moved Tess Holliday because the image included close ups of ‘muffin tops’ and people with clothes that are ‘too tight’.

Daily Life reported that organisers of a Melbourne-based feminist event were unable to ‘boost’ there event on Facebook on health and fitness grounds’. Cherchez la Femme organise monthly live feminist talks and this month they were going to talk about “feminism and fat”, where they would discussfat acceptence, fat activism and fatshion, from a feminist, body-positive perspective.

However, when it came to boosting the post, so it would reach a wider audience, facebook rejected it.


Photo published for Facebook rejected a feminist group's body positive event ad on 'health and fitness' grounds
The image that was rejected by Facebook / Source: Twitter


Facebook believed that the image of Tess Holliday that was used “depicts a body or body parts in an undesirable manner”.

Facebook’s ad team also went on to explain in its rejection message that “ads like these are not allowed since they make viewers feel bad about themselves. Instead, we recommend using an image of a relevant activity, such as running or riding a bike.”

Facebook has since apologised, however Cherchez la Femme are still not impressed.

As they say, it is about double standards. Eating disorders and obesity are both major health concerns in our society. But the concern here is that Facebook allows images of ultra-skinny girls, but this case makes it look like there is a ban on showing images of bigger bodies.

Facebook might need to come up with a fair, healthy argument for banning images that show either underweight or overweight images, especially in a culture obsessed with being skinny.