Fake A Summer Glow With This Super Tan

The sneak of the sun through the clouds and the lengthening evenings are just one of the many things that are exciting us at the moment – summer is coming! The sun and the longer evenings brings our summer wardrobe out of retirement and that means floaty dresses and distressed shorts will be adorning our bodies.

To complete the summer outfit many people rush to the sun in order to get a little sun and look less translucent than they do thanks to the layers we wore in winter. Those of you like me, born with the English Rose complexion will know that sun just doesn’t turn you a sunkissed brown, it is more like a cross between a kiss from a tomato and a run-in with a lobster.

That is why fake tanning is the route I take, that and it is better for my skin in the long run. Gradual tanners that moisturise and result in a light instant bronze tick all the boxes as you can stop when you are golden enough but still get your desired look.

Oasis beauty has this, well, beauty that can to everything you are looking for without blowing your summer cocktail budget. Whether you have dry, sensitive or oily skin, Super Tan gradually builds up the perfect depth of colour complete with jojoba, calendula strawberry and vitamin E that leaves your skin hydrated and silky smooth.




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