Our Favourite Grey’s Anatomy Star Is Heading Back To Shondaland

When this fan favourite from Grey’s Anatomy died we balled our eyes out, we are talking full on ugly crying with no shame in the world. Dr George O’Malley aka T.R. Knight was the light of our life on Grey’s Anatomy until Shonda Rhimes did what she does best and killed him (a trend which continued for any future men we fell in love with on the show).

Now we can enjoy T.R. Knight on Shona’s newest series The Catch. A thriller about Alice Martin who investigates fraud. She becomes a victim herself at the hands of her boyfriend and must hunt him down before her ruins her career and life, while still maintaining her clients cases.

In a statement, T.R.  gushed further about his new  role. “Working with Shonda, Betsy, and Allan again fills me with immense joy. I am heartened to be returning to Shondaland and excited to work with this exceptional cast!”

We hope he is as lovable on the new show!