Finally, We Know The Best Wine To Order When You Are Trying To Be Healthy

So many of us are dedicated to looking after ourselves, both body and soul. Unfortunately, things that are good for our souls don’t always fit in with our healthy, strong is the new sexy lifestyle. Take for example our Friday night drinks with the gals. This outing is like a warm hug for our soul, filling us with joy and keeping us from evaporating into a puddle of stress and exhaustion. This glass full of sugars however isn’t so good for our waistlines.

I am a strong advocate for everything in moderation, just like Gigi who announced that we should have a burger to keep ourselves sane. Although, if there were a wine I could drink that was a healthier option my soul and body could be even happier.

There is a way this is possible, I know today just got even better. The trick is learning more about wine and understanding the smarter choices.


Red wine drinker?

If you are partial to a drop of red, good on you! Not only does this tipple perfectly compliment pasta and pizza (great for the soul by the way), it is also good for your heart and could help you lose weight. Of course, you need to know the right wine. Thrillist suggests picking Merlots that have right bank on the label as this indicates the wine is from France and will have “about 100 fewer calories in a bottle than a similar wine”.

White wine drinker?

If you prefer your wine white, there are plenty of options for you to go for and the good news is that white wine is often lower in calories than reds.   Madeline Puckette, cofounder of Wine Folly, told Shape that we should stick to Riesling and Pinot Gris.

Bubbles drinker?

The good thing about champagne is that the serving sises are often smaller (this could also be a bad thing depending how you look at it…) The trick to picking a healthier glass (or bottle) of bubble according to The Greatist is is to look for  Brut Naturl and Extra Brut, these are not as sweet as some others and therefore have less sugar.

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