Fitness And Wellness Trends That The Celebs Are Obsessed With

Let’s be honest, the celebs know everything that is happening when it comes to the latest and greatest fitness and wellness trends. Their trainers send them to crazy new classes that tone them in places we never knew could be taunt and they drink things that were primarily reserved for our skin and comes from fire. As crazy as the new trends may be, we want to be as fit as Ellie Goulding and as lit-from-within as the Jenner’s (pre-highlighter).

That being said, we have tracked down some of the most exciting, albeit crazy, classes and trends that are sweeping Los Angeles – home to the fittest.

Moon Juice.

If you go to LA and don’t start your day with a juice, did you really go? As soon as you touch down you need to hit up Moon Juice in Venice or Silverlake. Stock up on juices and nut milks and you will instantly feel oh so Hollywood.

They’ve thought of everything a girl could ask for, with blends like Beauty Nectar, California Sun, Canyon Greens, and even Matcha Lemonade. You can pick your favourite juice depending on what area you’d like to treat today. Feeling like an immunity boost? Try the Silver Strawberry Moon Milk, which includes ingredients such as alkaline + mineralised + oxygenated water, unpasteurised activated California almonds, strawberries, honey, colloidal silver and pink salt.

Stock up on signature tonics for your return home. Our suggestion? The Elderberry Immunity Cup, or even Quinton, a little vial filled with 100% raw pure marine plasma (seawater electrolytes) to gently energise your body, increase mental focus, aid your immune system and boost athletic performance.

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Crunch Gym

If you want to try something different and oh so L.A., this is the spot for you to take your activewear-clad bod to. It is an unconventional, new take on traditional fitness, with over 40 different classes on offer. Things like Hip-hop aerobics, co-ed action wrestling or flying Pilates. Or, why not try Pound, a full-body cardio workout that uses lightly weighted drumsticks called Ripstix to sculpt muscle and torch up to 900 calories in 45 minutes. You will deserve a moon juice after that.


Barry’s Bootcamp

This is a celeb favourite and that make it good enough for us. We would go through a full boot camp if we can look like those toned, taunt and strong ladies strutting down the red carpet.  This outfit lets you choose your class based on your problem areas – or if you’re truly brave, sign up for a full-body class.

The one-hour interval training classes alternate between running on a treadmill and doing strength-training exercises that utilise various equipment, including free weights, resistance bands and medicine balls.

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Sandbox Fitness

Want to shift those pounds fast? Training on sand is incredibly difficult but effective at shifting those pounds. Sandbox Fitness offers a series of workouts in their massive 600 square foot indoor sandbox away which use the natural resistance of special sand to maximise each workout.

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Runyon Canyon

Obviously this is the #1 fitness activity in L.A., after all why wouldn’t you want to ‘jog’ to the top – the view is incredible! So you’re in L.A. trying to get a great body – it would be crazy not to give Runyon a go. Runyon is a popular trail for pretty much everyone who lives in (and visits) Los Angeles. Expect to cross paths with countless stunning, tanned and shirtless locals. Plus, it’s free.

Give yourself anywhere from 30 minutes for a quick jog to 90 minutes to reach the top and take in the magnificent viewpoints. Enjoy the Hollywood sign and Griffith Observatory through to the Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard. Even Catalina Island can be seen on a clear day.


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Tracy Anderson’s Brentwood Studio

If you have ever read tips about how to get a celeb body, you will be familiar with Tracy. She has worked with everyone from Jennifer Lopez to Gwyneth Paltrow, and her studios offer a sampling of the workouts she creates for her famous clientele.

Her muliTAsk classes combine dance cardio with mat work focusing on the legs and glutes, or do 50 minutes of each with her atTAin definition and caTApult cardio classes. To get the type of resultsyou dream of, Tracey recommends that, in an ideal world, you should do one hour of muscular structure work and one hour of cardio, six days a week.


The Springs

This spot is your complete wellness retreat, including juice (of course!) Once you’ve worked up a sweat, stretch it out at The Springs. The extensive yoga schedule offers everything from basics, flow, power flow, kundalini, restorative, yin, meditation, and more. With over 45 classes per week and a variety of highly experienced instructors, the program is accessible to students of all skill levels.


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We have left the weirdest til last. This spot is one of L.A.’s first whole body cryotherapy salon.  It’s a cold sauna in which the chamber is filled with liquid nitrogen reaching frigid temperatures nearing -250 degrees Fahrenheit.

Once inside the Cryo-chamber, your body’s skin receptors will send messages to your brain telling it that you’re freezing. The body reacts by rushing all the blood in to protect your vital organs. In doing so, the blood is detoxified and oxygenated. The body then sends amap of your central nervous system to the brain. Once you step out of the machine and begin acclimating to the normal temperatures, the blood rushes back out and the body focuses on healing the problematic areas.

Boasting incredible anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties, as well as benefits for weight loss, chronic joint disorders, chronic pain and decreasing injury recover time by 50%, it’s easy to see why Cryotherapy has become such a hot trend in the past few years.

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