If You Have One Of These Nine Jobs It Is Ruining Your Health

Working 9-5 is our way to make a living, no matter how much we try to fight it sitting and watching Netflix all day is not our job, not all of us are that lucky!

This means that we head out into the real world and are faced with a whole lot of real life stress. Surprisingly, or unsurprisingly for some, work is one of the biggest causes of stress.

A NPR poll found that 43 percent of working adults felt their job negatively affected their stress levels. We all know that stress is something we should all avoid, it disrupts nearly every system in your body, can lead to mental health issues and things such as infertility and body aches.

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Have you ever felt a little stressed at work? How about a lot of stress at work? If you are in one of these 9 jobs you probably have.

The top 9 jobs that have a bad impact on workers overall:

  1. Retail outlet
  2. Construction/outdoor work
  3. Factory or manufacturing
  4. Medical
  5. Store
  6. Warehouse
  7. Restaurant
  8. Office
  9. School

The take away from this of course is not to hand in your notice and become a self-employed Netflix watcher! Rather, think about how you can manage your stress better, both at home and at work.

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