These Are The Snacks That Kim Kardashian Eats To Stay Slim

Love her or hate her, Kim Kardashian works hard for her body and we respect that. It is no secret that she has been working hella hard to get down to her post-baby goal weight. The star attributes her body to the Atkins 40 diet and intense workouts. 

But we all know there is only so far this can take us and that the downfall top all diets are those pesky afternoon cravings…yup, snacking is the killer to our body goals.

Kim is no stranger to this and ensures she has the right snacks in her kitchen to keep her fueled.

“When it comes to what’s in my fridge, I always try and keep it fresh, simple and clean,” she shared on her website. “I’m really dedicated to my Atkins diet right now so it’s all about staying healthy and lean.”

“I am literally obsessed with Snapple’s Diet Peach Tea. It’s so refreshing and perfect during this hot summer!” So while it might not be good as such, she does like a good drink or two to keep her from indulging inthe right thing, she is also into Pressed Juicery Activated Charcoal Lemonade, “I’m not super into the whole ‘juicing’ craze, but Pressed Juicery’s fresh drinks taste amazing and make the perfect snack! I’m currently into the Charcoal Lemonade, which is rich in vitamin C. I swear, when I drink it, I feel cleansed and energized throughout the day.”

Don’t fret, her snacking does not soley revolve around liquid. The selfie queen is a fan of Bio-K Probiotic and Organic Turkey Breast slices, “Sliced turkey is one of my fave snacks to keep in the fridge because it’s a great source of lean protein,” she said.

So there you have it, turkey slices, probiotic, charcoal lemonade and of course diet peach tea (which may or may not be any good for you, depends what side of the fence you sit on when it comes to ‘diet’ anything.)

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