These Foodie Brunch Trends Are Nowhere Near As Healthy As You Think They Are

Every year new foodie trends take over the menus of the cafes you hold nearest and dearest. The feeling of your old faithful cafe jumping on the acai bowl bandwagon was probably the highlight of your weekend.

Let’s be honest, we spend so much time and money on brunching – especially on food that is ‘healthy’, because we all want that summer body and a meal that will fit the image we put out on social media (I don’t see y’all gramming that maccas you had on the weekend).

Sadly, some of these ‘healthy’ foods are no where near as good as we think.

Smashed Avocado

I am the first person to go a little heavy handed on this green god. I mean, how can one stick to the recommended serving size of 50g  (about 1/3 of a medium avo). It’s all or nothing, especially when you slice the perfect avo – something that cafes we turn into regulars appreciate. Unfortunately, while avocados do contain ‘good fat’ there is still too much of a good thing and a piece of sourdough topped with a whole avo might not be your best bet. Don’t think for a second that I am suggesting you bid farewell to smashed avocado, rather, suggesting you balance the rest of your days unsaturated fats.


Acai Bowl

While hey are always the most beautiful option on the menu, they are not always as healthy as one may assume. Smoothies are full of fruit – good. Kinda…with fruit being so high in sugar you need to pick the right fruits to put in your smoothie to find the perfect balance. The natural sugar in your fruit is far better than refined sugars, but too much sugar can lead to ‘fatigue, blood sugar spikes and even weight gain.’ To top it off, literally, acai bowls often have wee treats on the top – again, bare in mind what these are and balance the rest of your days meals on this.

Remember, it is all about balance! And at least it wasn’t a Macca’s sausage and egg muffin …