Get Your Man Checked This Blue September

Each year prostate cancer kills 600 men. That is 600 people who loose there brothers, sons, husbands and friends.

We all know that men can be a little should we say slack when it comes to going to the doctors, which is why as the women in their lives we need to remind them – different to nagging but the same outcome.

This Blue September help your man face up to prostate cancer and get checked.

Make a date of it, after all bribery works a treat when we don’t want to do something! If you want to make a little more fun out of it you can sign him (or yourself)  up for Blue September’s face your fear campaign.

Alongside the ambassadors, people are facing their fears and getting donations to do so. Whether you hate spiders like Monty or Diving like Jay-Jay, why not face it?

Check out others that are facing their fears and get some inspiration for facing your fear  here.

What are you waiting for?