Gigi Hadid Just Penned A Powerful Message To Her Body Shamers

Growing up in the limelight is no easy feat. Everything becomes known to the world, especially your breakups and your body image. Gigi Hadid is the perfect example of this, her breaks up and dating life covers magazines and everyone has an opinion as to whether she is too thin or too fat.

In recent years Gigi has become slimmer and someone called her out on her instagram accusing her of losing weight to fit in.

Gigi commented back, pointing out that she isn’t losing weight, rather she is ‘changing’, predominantly due to her training and fitness routines. Strong is the new skinny after all!

It is no secret that Gigi likes to work out and is a big fan of boxing and keeping fit.

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Then again if we had to strut the runway in nothing but our underwear, we would have extra motivation for the gym as well.

I mean, look at her abs!