Gigi Hadid Wore Not One But Six Dazzling Outfits At The MMVAs

If you have a big event to go to it is tough deciding on one outfit to wear, however, if you are a supermodel  you have no issues deciding on one, so you will most likely settle on 6. It seems a bit extreme, but at the iHeartRADIO Much Music Video Awards Gigi Hadid nailed each unique style from the red Britney-spears suit to the iconic supermodel sequin mini.

Sure, she has a team of stylists, hair and make up artists to help her out, but how does one manage such flawless style in 6 completely different outfits?

The model arrived in the red suit, which gave us Britney Spears Toxic vibes, minus the latex.


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The rest of the costume changes came when she was hosting the awards.

Gigi took some more inspiration from the queen of 90s pop, in a Uel Camilo crop top and low-rise pants set.


June 19 – Gigi on stage at the MMVAs 2016 in Toronto @gigihadid #gigihadid

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Then she changed her tune, channeling Elizabeth Taylor in a modern day matching coat, shirt and skirt set.


June 19: Gigi at the MMVAs in Toronto, Canada! ❤️

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Just when you thought she couldn’t keep changing, she was only halfway through! Her fourth outfit was an Elisabetta Franchi coat, which could only be worn with white jeans and gold heels.


Gigi is one to push the boundaries, this time the boundary between clothing and swinwear! Even if it does resemble  a wet suit, she looks great!



Last up, was a shimmery turtle neck mini that seems to be an iconic outfit that all supermodels adore – understandably when you have pins like Gigi!

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All hail the queen of costume changes!

#gigihadid 5 looks on the stage #mmvas

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