Gilmore Girls Releases ANOTHER Trailer And It Is The Best One Yet

I don’t know about you but the anticipation for the release of Gilmore Girls on Friday is almost too much for me to handle.

We get to see Lorelai and Rory together again. Now, I must admit I am a bit nervous. After all, they are the dream team, the duo we all want to be. But it has been while since they were on screen together and dare we say it, the chemistry between the two of them could of gone …

Thankfully, this most recent trailer calms our nerves.

Make like my friend and I and order all of the takeout you possible can (especially Chinese) get your pop-tarts at the ready and whatever you are drinking – put it in your coffee mug.

Until then, enjoy these snaps.

6 days!! Not sure how I feel about Milo’s moustache though lol ?? – #gilmoregirls

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