Say Goodbye To Freezing Winter Nights With This Revolutionary Woodfire

Rain viciously beating on the windows, wind howling outside through the trees and the crackle of a wood fire. Something about this just screams a romantic, winter’s night.

Whether that is you and your significant other, your best friends or simply a trusty glass of vino there is nothing else do to after a long day other than sit in front of the fire and relax.

If this idea has got you daydreaming, you need to check out Ethos woodfires.




Not only do these fires make every night date night, but they represent the evolution of the woodfire with their clean and efficient heating solutions.

If you are a lover of wood fires, but not of chopping wood, Ethos has you covered. Their wood fires burn a lot less wood, which is not only better for your fuel costs, better for the environment and result in far less ash to clean, but it is also much better for your back!

So what else makes them special?

Ethos woodfires do not draw their combustion air from the room being heated, instead they draw air from outside via the unique Econ-Air Induction Flue. This means there’s no drafts created, and no wind noise during those big storms.

They are also environmentally friendly and a cost effective way to heat your space. A space that they will fit into perfectly, or light up, it is up to you as they come in 100 custom colours.

The best thing about them? They burn extra brightly making the ambiance even more romantic.

Grab a good book, turn off the phone and settle in for the night.