How To Make The Most Of Your Working Day Running A Business

From the management and accounts team to the employees and even their families; Payroll is one of the few systems a business will ever implement which has a bearing on virtually everyone, so it has to be right. Simply put, a wrongly paid employee is an unmotivated employee!

However, the pitfalls and complexities that surround payroll are as far reaching as the employee’s it affects. IRD/Tax, Hourly rates, Commissions, Holiday pay, Super/Kiwisaver, Sick pay, the list goes on and on. What you need is a system that is simple to use, transparent (from both yours and your employee’s point of view) plus in this modern and mobile world, a system that can be used virtually anywhere and on any ‘connected’ device.

Crystal payroll specializes in one thing – payroll. It is a fully accredited IRD PAYE intermediary, based in Auckland, New Zealand with 10 years of experience in both payroll management practices and the development of high quality online payroll systems. It is a system which is fast and easy to use for small employers but has the functionality to be able to scale up for larger employers. Also, it will grow with you so you will never need to upgrade it.

We all know that Payroll is largely about trust and that is why, although Crystal Payroll is an online/cloud service, they don’t want to simply give you a faceless (overseas) link to click on – they’d rather come and meet you in person (or at least talk to you on the phone). It takes just 15-20 minutes to take you through a detailed payroll needs analysis to see how you can improve the way you manage your payroll.

With all the extra time you could have on your hands, we have an exclusive M2 offer – by completing the form below, you’ll receive a 4 month M2 and M2woman subscription (worth $63.70) for your waiting room for free!

If you want to know more check out Crystal payroll’s website or simply fill out the no obligation form and get the (Crystal) ball rolling.

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