This Is The Ideal Age Gap In A Happy Relationship

When we were growing up we always looked at the senior boys like they were something of a myth, nicely groomed, smelt like Lynx and most importantly were more mature than our junior counterparts. We have always had our eyes on older men as there was the idea that men developed slower than women.

So it is no surprise that we are looking to date men a little older than us, sadly, this might be ruining our relationship before it even begins!

A study from the Emory University in Atlanta looked at 3,000 people and found that couples with a larger age gap were more likely to break up.

They found that relationships with a one-year age gap (either way) were optimal. On the other hand, relationships where the age gap increased so did the risk of divorce.

The study found that a five year difference meant the chances of divorce went up to 18% and when the age gap was ten years divorce rate doubled.

Of course, studies like this need to be taken with a pinch of salt as there are a lot of happy relationships that boast an age gap.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively don’t care,  so should we put our love in the hands of these scientists? Not necessarily. It is, however, an interesting read and of course there are a lot of reasons why a big age gap can cause lost love; not enough in common, different goals and the fact that you might be at completely different life stages.

If you are in a relationship with a bigger age gap, ensure you sit down and talk about these things; when do you want kids, when do you want to get married? Having these conversations isn’t easy and no one wants to face the music sometimes, but it is easier to air these discussions out rather than let them fester.

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