This Is What Taking Selfies Does To Your Perception Of Yourself

Just one scroll of social media and it is clear that selfies are taking over. Whether they are #nomakeup, holiday selfies or a quick snap before the night out, a lot of people are taking selfies to document the moment.

With this has come an obsession of ‘getting more likes, which has been linked to self esteem issues and narcissism. But one thing that we did not know for show,  is that selfies are changing the way people see you and how you see yourself. Until now. According to a recent study by the University of Toronto, taking selfies can make you appear more narcissistic to those around you and give you a self-inflated view of yourself. Yikes.

This is something we all suspected for a long time, but now thanks to science it has been backed up.

For the study the researchers gathered 198 participants, 100 of these believed they were ‘regular selfie-takers’. The participants took a selfie, just any old selfie, and a regular portrait. Then were asked to rate how attractive and likable they thought their friends would think each picture was if they were to upload it.

Researchers then had people from the public rate the photos as to how attractive, likable and narcissistic they thought the person appeared to be. The results were eye-opening.

The participants thought they looked much better in each picture than the public. The public? They liked the portraits better than the selfies and thought that the ‘regular selfie-takers’ were significantly more narcissistic in their selfies than the others!

The conclusion of the study? People often perceive themselves as more attractive and likable than others do.

Of course, who is science to stop people taking selfies. Why else does Apple keep improving their ‘selfie cam’? You do you!