If You Want Cheap Flights This Is The Best Time To Book

When it comes to booking flights there is a lot of conflicting advice surrounding the best time to book your flights. Should you be super-prepared or is it best to fly by the seat of your pants and book last minute?

Cheapair.com shared their annual study and it shares the best time to buy international flights. Here are the destinations and the best time to book your flight. (Note: Data was based on flights from the US to 74 popular destinations so if you are flying from other spots this may vary.)

Canada – 75
Mexico – 75
Latin America – 70
Caribbean – 320
Africa – 215
Europe – 120
Middle East – 215
South Pacific – 320
Asia – 160

When looking at the data it is easy to notice a pattern, the further you are flying the earlier you need to book – this is sure to be a tip that works wherever you are travelling from.

Cheapair also suggested a few things you should consider when booking.

  1. Think about the season you are travelling. Everyone wants a European summer so flights are more likely to be expensive and you should travel even earlier.
  2. Consider the size of your party. If you want to sit next to your beloved partner and children, book early to make sure you aren’t disappointed.

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