The Most Instagrammable Brunch Spots In London

When you combine two great things, like Peanut Butter and Jam you create a whole new sensation. It is not better than the original components, it is in a league of its own. This is exactly what happened when some intelligent person, Guy Beringer, proposed the idea for brunch.

Breakfast is great and lunch is my favourite meal of the day, but brunch is in a league of its own. It is the perfect weekend meal, in fact it is an event.

Now is all about the ladies who brunch and catch up with the gals, which is also thanks to the wonderful 4 Sex and The City ladies. Unlike these gals we are more likely to be snapping our meals before we eat them thanks to the takeover of Instagram.

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It is impossible to go to any top brunch-spot and not see hoards of people snapping their meal, which actually comes as a advantage. Now we can see what the food looks like through the eye of regular brunch goers not just the fancy food photographers.

Here are the most instagrammable and delicious brunch spots in London that you need to head to.

Bunny Chow

This South-African-style cafe located in Soho has a unique serving style that makes it Instagram-worthy. Of course, the food looks delicious and how many of you have had South-African brunch?

It was an awesome #breakfastweek. Time Out took this, you can still eat it every single morning btw. #fullenglish

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Berners Tavern

The beautiful all day eatery is under the direction of celebrated Michelin starred chef, Jason Atherton. Simple, yet elegant will be the minimalist Instagram-fans fave.

Full English breakfast minus the bacon and sausage… Is that sacrilege? ?

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Farm Girl Cafe

This holistic and healthy cafe has bought Australian cafe culture to London. The Portobello Road spot is beautiful and their meals look delish.

Have a great weekend everyone! ? @fitandloving #weekend #food

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Brew cafe

This cafe has five  London locations and food that you you have to snap.