Science Discovered Which Parent We Get Our Intelligence From

We have a lot to thank our parents for; our height, our looks and our intelligence. We also have a lot to blame our parents for; the fact we aren’t tall enough to follow our dreams of being in the NBA or the fact we need to invest in push up bras thanks to the fact we aren’t particularly well-endowed.

While we can talk to mum and dad about this over the next family dinner, when it comes to having a chat with them about our struggle with numbers or other intelligence-related qualms, we need to talk to our mum.

Despite popular belief that our brains come from both of our parents, new research has found that our mothers are in fact the ones we should thank for our brains.

It turns out that intelligence genes are located on chromosome X, which we all know women carry two of. Therefore, children are twice as likely to inherit their mother’s intelligence gene.

The study, completed by Medical Research Council Social and Public Health Sciences Unit in Glasgow, interviewed around 13,000 children aged 14-22 every year since 1994 to find out who we can thank for our brains. Taking into consideration factors such as skin colour, socio-economic status and education they found the best predictor of intelligence was the IQ of the mother. In surprising findings, the scientists discovered that children’s IQ scores varied an average of just 15 points from their mothers.

Obviously not all of our intelligence is inherited, Psychology Spot reported that around 40-60% of our intelligence is inherited. Sadly we can’t rely on our mothers to do everything for us – including giving us the brains to become rocket scientists or doing our laundry.

Next time you see your mum thank her because  it seems she really is responsible for how great we are.