It Turns Out These Are The Most Regretted Degrees To Study

University is the best of times and the worst of times. The late night antics, ‘study dates’ free time and new friends were the highlight of your university days (and learning new things, of course.) The exams, student fees and stress was a downside. Of course, for most of us the three or so years you spent with your head in the books (and the wine) was well worth it. However, this is not the case for everyone.

Emolument surveyed 1,800 professionals to see if their degree was worth it and there are a few graduates who regret their degrees.

If you spend three years studying Psychology, fine arts & design, history, politics, geography, media, marketing and communications it seems you are not alone in your regret.

Infographic: The Most (and Least) Worthwhile Degrees | Statista * Research by Emolument, table by Statista.

Going out on a limb, I would assume this regret is down to the struggle to find a job in the field you studies. Psychology for example is not an easy career to get into and it is hard to stand out among the other job seekers – especially when it is one of the most common degrees.

We can’t turn back time, as much as many of us may like to. So, what is the next step if you realise your degree has got you no where? You could do further study and put in a few more years to become more specialised. After all, PhD & doctorate holders think that extra time is worth it with 80% saying they did not regret their decision.

If all else fails you could go back to university and study chemistry? Yeah, I didn’t think that would catch the attention of many …

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