Jordan Mauger Opened Up About His Biggest Fear For The Finale

The time has come, Jordan Mauger will give his last rose out tonight and the nation will finally know who he has picked. Of course, filming of the show wrapped up more than a month ago.

It has been a rough wee while as the two love birds have been unable to see each other during this time, due to the fact that eagle eyes could ruin the surprise for the nation.

The Bachelor spoke to the Herald ahead of the finale tonight and said they have not been together ‘face-to-face’, but they have communicated through texts and phone calls. That’s how romance is after the show I guess, no reality TV romantic date just reality.

Jordan then opened up to the Herald and said that while he is excited to reveal his winner, he is not looking forward to what comes after the finale – the tell all.

All 23 girls will return to the stage in what could become a very interesting reunion.

“I haven’t seen them for quite some time and gee we went through a lot together,” he told the Herald. “One of the questions they’ll want answered is, ‘Why was I sent home?’ It’s The Bachelor. Someone has to go home. Unfortunately you have to let go of 22 girls to find the one.”

Jordan will hand out his final ‘rose’ tonight in the form of a Michael Hill ring. But will it be Naz or Fleur that has won his heart?