Kate Hudson Admits She Loves Embarrassing Her Son

I’m not sure if it is written in the ‘parent handbook’ alongside ‘know the answer to everything’, but parents seem to think it is their role to embarrass their children.

Kisses at the school gate, interruptions at sleep overs and the inevitable struggle to stop holding hands – parents seem to have a checklist. Kate Hudson may be a hollywood a-lister, but she seems to work from the same handbook.

Kate appeared on Chelsea Handler’s show, Chelsea where she revealed how she is an embarrassing parent.

“I’m loving the preteen [experience],” she said.

“His hormonal moods are so fun for me, because it makes for so much comedy!”

“I tried to hold Ryder’s hand the other day in public, and he was like, ‘Mom, please don’t’. And then I just grabbed his hand, like, ‘I’m gonna grab your hand!’ And it became funny.”

Poor Ryder, ah well, it is all part in parcel of growing up I guess!