Kim Kardashian Shared The Insane Workout Routine That Helped Her Lose All That Weight

Kim Kardashian has made it no secret that above all she prizes her 2010 pre-baby weight.  So what is she doing about it? She is working out like a mad woman in order to get back to 120 pounds (54kgs). Kim has posted her crazy workout routine on snapchat and we are not sure we could jump rope that many times!


The reality TV star is running 4 miles (around 6km), doing planks, push ups, 1000 jump ropes and abs. All in the name for her pre-baby, slender figure and significantly lower weight.

The crazy part, the Kardashian has made kimojis so you can work out like her. Perhaps not so crazy seeing as she is all about the kimojis!


All in the name for the infamous Kim K curves.

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