10 Life Lessons Everyone Should Learn Before Their 30s

When it comes to life we can all agree on one thing, it is a long journey and we will learn a lot on the way. Some things are tough and you don’t always get what you want. But as we all have probably been told by our parents, we can learn from these tough times.

Also, Kelly Clarkson shared her wisdom when she belted our the ’90s classic “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Stand a little taller.”

Taking these words of wisdom to heart, here are the top 10 harsh life lessons that Reddit users have learnt.

1. You will have to make very practical (sometimes very cold) decisions about what you want from life and what you’re willing to give up. And if you don’t make them then life will make them for you. – sirophiuchus

2. Only a couple of your friends are probably true friends.
Appreciate every day you have with your family, they won’t be around for ever.
Don’t stress yourself out too much about things that are beyond your control.
Take up exercise and maybe a sport, it’s harder to do so when you get older.
Avoid getting into debt, it’ll take over your life later on.
Learn to enjoy things without the need for drugs and alcohol. That shit may also take over your life later on.

3. I think it’s in your twenties when you finally twig that life is finite. As a kid life is just this thing that goes on forever. Consequences don’t matter as much because the future in unfathomably far away – ChubbyWordsmith

4. Don’t spend more money just because you are starting to earn more. Lifestyle inflation creeping in is a bitch.
If you don’t keep working out and start eating well, you’re going to feel like 45 once you hit 30.
Drink less alcohol. Hangovers will get exponentially worse every single year.
You are not invincible. Stop driving like an idiot and stay out of unnecessary physical altercations.
Do stuff that makes you happy instead of doing stuff that makes you look cool. – Neutrum

5. People you love are going to die. i don’t want anyone to learn this lesson, ever, but it provides some pretty serious perspective when it inevitably happens – cosmolegato

6. You will become fat, unless you try not to. – daKing333

7. Even your dream job sucks sometimes.
Even the love of your life gets on your nerves sometimes.
There is nowhere you “should be by now.” All life paths are different and equally valid.
Happiness is a practice. It isn’t something you achieve and then you’re good. – maybenut

8. dont fucking lend anyone money. – begaterpillar

9. Here is one thing that I should have learned in my 20s and it took me till my 30s to do: It’s ok to ask for help. I’ve had on and off crippling anxiety and only recently have I been able to reflect on my past and realise how much it’s held me back. How all encompassing it has been. I’m getting some professional help now, hoping I can turn things around and have a much different 30s than my 20s. Anyways, listen to your body and don’t try to ‘man up’ through it. Won’t work. – all204

10. You aren’t special and you won’t always get your way. The real world is not fair and it does not care about you. You are in fact capable of accomplishing anything, but it’s not going to be easy. – A_sad_vulcan