This Lipstick Has The Internet Going Absolutely Mad

When you hear the words lipstick and ‘internet going mad’ in the same sentence your mind automatically drifts to Kylie Jenner and her in demand lip kits. But this time round the lusted after lipgloss is not part of King Kylie’s collection, rather it is the most mermaid-esque lipstick we have every seen.

This non-drying, long lasting lipstick sounds like a dream, a sparkly, rose gold dream.


The most popular colour unsurprisnly is Papaye and when you see it in action you will understand why.

Papaye Lip Crème on the gorgeous @ellecommelipstick ?✨ | #jouer #jouergirl #jouercosmetics

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The Jouer website has had to share an apology with shoppers as the site is experiencing ‘high volume traffic’.

According to Twitter users the lipstick ‘smells like chocolate icing’.

If you want to get your hands on it, head to Cultbeauty which ships to New Zealand.