The Low Down On Gel Manicures From The Experts

Manicures that last are something we are all after, so it is no surprise that gels have become the new it-nail. Whether you are after a good old French mani or some fancy nail art, it is hard to go past something that promises to stick around for a few weeks.

Whether you are a gal-manicure regular or are yet to dabble in this fine art, there may be some things you are still yet to know.

We spoke to Autumn Cairns from Spring Spa who shared some simple rules to make the most out of your gel manicure.

“Gel is a saviour to most of us as it gives us up to two weeks of long lasting polish.”

1. Ensure you have a break from shellac or gel every month or so by having a non-gel, normal manicure.  It gives your nails time to breathe and re-form.

2. The finish of a gel manicure is not bullet proof, never flick, dig, or force things open with your nails.

3. Always your polish removed professionally with your nail technician, peeling them off at home removes layers and layers of your nail bed, leading to thinning and damage.

4. Ensure your nail technician ‘caps the edges’ they apply polish along the free edge before curing the gel.  This ensures polish doesn’t shrink and stays put for as long as possible.

Now that you know everything you need to about manicures, here is some inspo.

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