The Magical Way To Reduce The Appearance Of Visibile Expression Lines Without Botox

We are all prone to wrinkles, sad as it may be it is a fact of life – we may as well just accept that as we age we develop wrinkles and expression lines.

Expression lines differ from wrinkles, they are caused over time from our emotions. When your mum told you not to pull a silly face or it might get stuck, she may have been on to something!

Some people hide these lines through Botox, a process that for some is not desirable at all.

Thankfully there is a product you can use, without any pain. The Sothys BX Wrinkle Corrector has a botox like outcome for those who are looking to smooth any expression lines.


© Jean-Baptiste Guiton - Filip Falta


Of course, if you do use Botox you can and should use this product as well as it further enhances and prolongs the results of the injections meaning your botox injections are needed less frequently.

It uses ‘dermo peptide’, which helps to relax the facial micro contractions as these are what accentuate and perpetuate the expression wrinkles.


During an observational clinical test 87% of participants said it improved the efficacy of their injection, and 63% said it prolonged the efficacy of their injections.