Meghan Markle Is Obsessed With This Affordable Jewellery Range And So Are We

Everyone is keeping a close eye on Meghan Markles fingers waiting for one particular shiny ring to appear courtesy of Prince Harry. Of course, we are excited for this moment but we are more excited, and obsessed, with the current rings the actress is sporting.

The actress made it no secret that she is in love with Natalie Marie Jewellery, an Australian label that boasts beautiful, delicate pieces.



We came across this brand a wee while ago, and since then we have been absolutely obsessed. Just as much as Meghan it would seem! So, it was only right we track down the pieces she adores and adorns.

Faceted fine band, $60


Dotted oval necklace
Dotted oval necklace, this baby is $180 for the silver version and $200 for 9k gold
Rose Morganite Ring, from $1,525

Sure, the rose morganite ring may be a little out of the ‘affordable’ price range, but there are plenty more affordable options!


Dotted Organic Band
Dotted Organic Band. This beautiful, delicate ring is $160


Dot Arc Pair #1
Dot Arc Pair #1. Let yourself shine with these earrings in silver for $130 or 9K gold for $150