More Major Health Benefits Have Just Been Linked To Exercising

We all know there are many health benefits to exercising, we remind ourselves of this daily as we try to drag ourselves out of bed! Breaking a sweat boosts our immune system, combats heart disease and releases a heap of endorphins, all great things! Now, a recent study from scientists at the National Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School have found that exercising can reduce your risk of 13 cancers.

In the study, which was published in JAMA Internal Medicine, they found that people who reported exercising moderately had less risk of developing 13 types of cancers compared to sedentary people.

These reduced health risks include lower risks of tumors in the liver, kidney, stomach, bone marrow, and bladder. This is on top of the things we already knew it could reduce such as breast or colon cancer.

They also found that those who were very active had an increased risk of malignancies such as melanoma, because you are often outside when exercising, and slow-growing prostate tumors.

In the research they looked into how vigorously individuals exercises and whether the participants had been diagnosed with cancer.

In other words, get to the gym today!