7 Horrific and Hilarious Wedding Stories That You Hope Never Happen To You

When you think of weddings you think of the bride in a beautiful gown and the groom eagerly awaiting her arrival down the aisle. You don’t think of the groom’s old uninvited girlfriend sneaking out to object or a child wiping chocolate on the brides gown…these things lead to disaster, as does the fact that the groom slept with the stripper at his bachelor party…

Here we have some of the most horrific wedding stories that people have shared with ask reddit.

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1. Bride had 14 attendants, each of whom got their own song to walk down the isle to, the church was over packed by 100 people, the air broke in July in said church (nope nary a window to be had in 90 degree iowa summer), ceremony was almost 3 hours long because 1) so many people wanted to recite poems, or sing songs or whatever, and 2) the Grooms brother gave the wedding talk and turned it into a remember when we did this blow by blow of their entire childhood.
We finally get to the (blessedly cool) reception hall. Dinner was supposed to start at 6pm. At 8:30pm the bride fainted from lack of food, this was after another 2-1/2 hours of cousins and aunts and uncles giving speech, poem and song one after another. Why they didnt do this after the food was severed I will never know.
And finally around midnight there fight between the best man and one of the groomsmen, both of them were black out drunk and wanted one of the 14 bridesmaids numbers, they decided to fight it out in the middle of the dance floor. Classy
– Tinycowz

2. Friend is a photographer. Does weddings. Got punched in the face by the groom because the groom decided that the photographer was ‘taking too many photos of the bride.’ Weddings seem to bring out the worst in humanity. — BANNEDFROMALAMO

3. I once attended a wedding in which the groom failed to attend. It was a total disaster. The bride looked like she could have been just 18, absolutely adorably cute and she just sat out in the hallway crying with her parents while her friends and family were moved from the ceremony hall to the reception area for dinner and drinks.

Weirdly enough though, the groom showed up later in the evening after the minister had already gone home. We had their formal dances but on that day, they didn’t actually get married. – 123CaptainNic

4. Friends had a small wedding, with the reception in a private area of a restaurant, with about 30 people. After the meal, our server came through the doors with the 3-tier wedding cake in her arms. When she got front and center, she slipped and hit the floor like a rock – face first into the cake. The initial laughter stopped quickly when it seemed she might be hurt, because she wasn’t moving. She got up with help, obviously sore, but crying as hard as I’ve ever seen. Hysterically apologizing over and over. Fast forward a couple hours, and thankfully she was physically okay. But even better, she was serving New Yorkers with money who felt terrible for her, and were now drunk. I don’t know what the hosting couple tipped her, but I’m certain she picked up another $5000 from the guests on the side. I threw her a $100, and I’m cheap. She was crying again when we left, but for an entirely different reason. – Scrappy_Larue