Move Over Coconut Oil There’s A New Kid In Town

Coconut oil can do anything, but the greatest feat is the fact that it makes every meal taste delicious! Sauces, slices, salads – the list goes on. Coconut oil can be added into anything.

Surprisingly, coconut oil is on the way out. According to Pinterest avocado Oil is the new coconut oil. Now we are not so surprised, to surpass coconut oil you must be pretty incredible and our green friend has this covered. The nation went nuts when we were threatened with a shortage after all!

Rather than shake up your world and leave you without a helping hand, we have tracked down some of the greatest uses for avocado oil so you can put it to the test, and wow everyone with how ahead of the curve you are.

When it comes to cooking avocado oil is best used for grilling, pan-roasting and drizzling on salads and pizza. Probably because of the rich and buttery taste. Just like coconut oil, avocado oil is also big in the beauty stakes.

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