This Mum’s Photo On Honest Parenting Is Taking Over Social Media

Motherhood has many pleasures, but random excretions from the gurgling bundle of joy rarely fit in to this category. Of course, when it comes to sharing moments like this on social media we rarely see the truth – until now. Mums are now taking to social media to share the poop, the sleepless nights and the vomit alongside the smiles, first steps and first words.

The latest mum to get honest is Chontel Duncan, a mum you might remember after she was called out by internet bullies for being ‘unhealthy‘.

Chontel is back and sharing hilarious, uncensored photos of motherhood and her baby boy.


I’m sure many parents can relate to their children doing something similar!
Her next image will also resonate with a lot of mothers.

When your left boob is being greedy ? Breastfeeding at its finest ??

A photo posted by Chontel Duncan (@chontelduncan) on

Ahhh, motherhood!

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