Nail Polish Lovers Rejoice, This Is The Best Nail Tool Of 2016

I love painting my nails, my flat-mates will tell you they got tired of coming home to a house that stunk of nail polish. So I was pretty excited when this nail tool appeared on my news-feed.

If like me, you enjoy sitting in bed, watching Netflix and painting your nails, but struggle to balance the bottle and have had far too many close calls than you care to remember, a genius solution now exists.

‘Twexxy”, is a nail polish bottle holder that will sit on your two middle fingers and help you balance and not spill, your nail polish.

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The best thing, the creator has thought of everything!

When you have finished with one hand, simply squeeze the tabs on the sides of the finger holes to open them so you can move it without smudging your nails – Brilliant!

The Tweexy is made out of silicone and molded to fit any of the nail polishes in your collection, no matter the shape or size of the bottle. The device also grips the polish so securely that you can even open the bottle with one hand if you need.

This is one beauty buy I need to get my hands on!