Nev From Catfish Has Addressed Gender Stereotypes For Parents In The Must See Video Of The Year

It is easy to think that we have moved on from the gender stereotypes that saw women staying at home; cooking, cleaning and caring for the children. Unfortunately, this is a stereotype that is still very much real life.

Catfish host Nev Schulman and his fiance Laura Perlongo have tackled this issue with a video featuring their adorable daughter Cleo.

The video raises a lot of interesting points about societies slightly backward views that still exist around parenting and the mother’s ‘role’ at home with the child. If you have ever felt stuck in these views, this video will definitely help you out.

Of course this isn’t to say that mothers shouldn’t stay at home and do this if that is what they want, rather, there need to be more opportunities for women to go back to work while the men stay at home. For example more paternity leave options. At the moment paternity or partner’s leave is generally up to 2 week so of unpaid leave.

According to another video by Nev and Laura, globally women get on average “106 days of paid leave for a new baby, while dads only get an average of 7.”

You can watch them tackle this important point here.