This New List Shows Which Fast Fashion Brands Are ‘Naughty and Nice’ And It Is Not Looking Good

When fashion giants Zara and H&M opened their doors in New Zealand fashionistas went nuts. It was mayhem at the mall and everyone was shopping up a storm, sadly one of these fashion giants is not on the Nice list this year when it comes to sharing the location of their factories.

Ahead of Christmas and our shopping binge, Oxfam released a Naughty and Nice list and is asking consumers to be mindful about where they spend their money this year.

Since the Rana Plaza collapse in Bangladesh in 2013 companies have promised to protect their workers, improve their practises and update their code of conducts. This is all well and good, unfortunately, there are far too many companies on the naughty list, which means they are not publishing the location of their factories and as a result there is no way of checking if the products are being made in fair and safe conditions.

The naughty list includes fan favourites;

  • Topshop
  • Zara
  • Peter Alexander
  • ASOS
  • Uniqlo

Thankfully, ASOS has taken “significant steps” toward their transparency and they soon could be jumping sides.  Likewise, Zara is taking a step in the right direction and has published their dying mills, which is halfway there. Oxfam decided to keep them on the naughty list as they think “Inditex [owner of Zara] has to do better.”

In other good news there are some brands that have been nice this year including;

  • Kmart
  • H&M
  • Jockey
  • GAP
  • Jeanswest
  • Cotton on

People flocked to H&M and can feel good about the bargains they picked up, especially considering H&M is one of the “international leaders.” Oxfam did mention that there have been a few issues with the H&M supply chain, they recently shared that they found Syrian refugee children working in factories that supplied their garments. However, as Oxfam said their transparency helped problems like this be “uncovered” and once H&M (and NEXT) found out they immediately stopped working there Huffington Post reported.

You can check the full list out here.