This New Nail Polish Trend Is Making The Beauty Community Lose Their Minds

It seems like a new nail trend comes out every week, not something we are complaining about as who doesn’t want a new trend to nail.

This year has seen some … interesting trends at our finger tips, we are looking at you snowglobe nails! There have also been some great trends, hello mirror nails.

Surprisingly, the newest trend is the most mesmerising yet and one that we can actually do from home.

Say hello to holographic powder, the magic you need to make your nails sparkle more than a starry night sky and Kim-K’s engagement ring.

The powder uses iridescent pigments, which reflect rainbow hues when they catch the light. Simply rub the powder into prepolished nails then seal it with a UV topcoat to create a glassy finish.

I usually have a 5 year old or dogs making noises in the background and I'd mute my stuff but my hubby and his " ooooooh" made me LOL so I decided to keep the audio ? he was so enthralled with how this holo powder works he had to try on one of my nails. ? Holographic Unicorn Powder from @daily_charme. Trust me, you need it. Black base is @paintedpolishbylexi Midnight Mischief… completely dry! Once dry, I used a no wipe gel top coat from a local nail supply and cured it. Then we rubbed some of the powder into the nail, and once you like the finished product, top it off with another coat of the non wipe gel topcoat. #dailycharme #notd #nails #nails2inspire #nailsofinstagram #nailspiration #nailsofig #holographicnails #holosexual #holographic #holonails #rainbows #rainbownails #stilettonails #claws

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