6 Places You Absolutely Must Eat At In New York

New York has a lot to offer, from shopping like your Hollywood Heroines to eating giant pretzels as you stroll Central Park. As any good city should, New York understands the importance of food and has street carts ready for you at any whim. From must-try fine dining to street-corner pretzels, New York really is a treat for your taste buds.

Asiate at the Mandarin Oriental – Think fine dining with a view, and there is no way what you are imagining is on par with this jaw-dropping hotel. Perched with a view of Central Park you can dine on the top of the world with this Asian-New American must-try New York restaurant. Get your girls, spend the day shopping, put on your new purchases and then spend the night here sampling the chef’s tasting menu, including wine pairings, of course. Indulge in foods you wouldn’t normally try and savour the quintessential New York experience… there is no better way to feel like your favourite New York leading lady.

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Sprinkles Cupcakes ATM – at 780 Lexington Avenue. Just when you thought the best thing to come out of an ATM was money, this gem comes along. Swipe your card and instead of receiving a wad of $20s, you pick your flavour and will soon have a deliciously moist cupcake.

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Smorgasburg in Brooklyn – This weekend food market is a hot-spot and home to some impressive culinary creations, such as the ramen burger, which is just what you are imagining: a meat patty jammed between two ramen noodle ‘buns’. Top points for originality and taste.


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Bleecker Street Pizza – AKA the best pizza in New York. This wee spot is by no means a space you want to just walk past thinking ‘oh, just another pizza store’. I did the leg work, and this pizza lived up to its reputation. The slices were as big as your head and the base had the perfect crisp. Get their classic and famous slice, the Nonna Maria. If you don’t, you will up with food envy, just like my dad did.

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An Urban Food Market – New York is known for these quirky and often gourmet markets with food offerings for every palate. Chelsea Markets will keep your hunger pangs away, while also giving you some shopping options. Urban Space, right by Grand Central, is buzzing at breakfast with bagels, Nutella doughnuts and, of course, coffee.

Street Food, Everywhere – New Yorkers are famously always on the go, which is probably why you struggle to go a block without bumping into a street cart. Grab a hot pretzel or a chilli dog and watch the world go by; some of the best spots are outside Macy’s in Herald Square or anywhere in Central Park.


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