New Zealand’s Favourite Street Style Influencers Have Opened Their Own Shop And We Want Everything

One day I was scrolling through Instagram, as you do, when I stumbled upon an Instagram account that had me 52weeks deep and not regretting my stalking habits. The account was Serendipity Ave, a New Zealand fashion and street style blog belonging to two best friends, Nami and Pascale.  Their outfits were the perfect mix of fashion without being too unrealistic to try at home. Everyday I saw something new on their ‘gram and made a conscious effort to try and duplicate their looks and get my hand on a silk cami and statement belt asap. One day I was watching their Insta-story (I have an issue with social media, so shoot me). On there were embroidered jeans that I just had to know where they were from. A message was sent and they told me Zara (guess what I searched high and low for at the opening and never found!).

I was not the only one who wanted to know how I could make my wardrobe similar to theirs, and with that came their newest venture that is seeing them become girlbosses.

Their blog was the gateway to a shop, ‘Shop Serendipity Ave‘. This is a curation of some of the fashion pieces they adore and pieces that we are already lusting over. It is without a doubt one of the greatest ideas, after all people look up to them for inspiration and now they are bringing the clothes straight to them. We caught up with Nami and Pascale to see how these girlbosses feel!

Why did you start Shop Serendipity Ave?
We started because we have always wanted to create something together and be our own girlboss. We didn’t know exactly what we wanted to start but from the success of our blog it truly just fell together as an idea one day and we thought why not, let’s just go with it! We really love the journey and being creative, so we will just continue and see where our passion may take us.

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You said people would ask you where you got your clothes from, how often was this happening?
When we started collaborating with brands and posting more on social media friends and random people would direct message us or send in snapshots of our snap story asking where something was from and we would tell them. Literally like a week later some would send us a pic of their new purchase saying thank you, so we thought why don’t we sell direct to our followers the items we buy for our own wardrobe and create an awesome experience for our followers while we’re at it, next minute we were signing up to a domain and ordering stock. We feel like we are helping girls find their style and be more confident in their wardrobe choices and we love that! Like it? Wear it!

How did you grow such a vast wardrobe? How do you get the pieces?
Really just shopping everywhere… literally. We would always send stuff we see online to each other and be like do you like this, should we go halfs? Nami also has a lot of family living overseas so we make sure to annoy them with seasonal online orders

The other bonus is we generally fit the same clothes so it’s really vast because we share everything.

We have learnt the key is not to be sucked in by trends but instead buy pieces you can build your wardrobe with whether it be a $2 dress from an Opshop or $2000 bag from a designer. If it’s a good addition to your wardrobe and it makes you happy do it, our shop is based around those “must have’ pieces that will add instant value to your already existing wardrobe .

Who is your biggest source of fashion inspiration?
We both have our fangirl favorites like Erin Wasson, Brooke Testoni and Christine Centenera but to be honest, a lot of our fashion inspo comes from everywhere. Tumblr, social media, travelling, coffee table books, people watching… you name it. Inspo never sleeps!

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You both live in Hamilton, how to people react when you share that with them? (I’m from Hamilton myself and often get mixed responses)
To be honest they are always surprised. People either think the only place that exists is where they are from so the concept of people in fashion living in Hamilton is weird for them sort of like ‘oh so creative people live there? Really?’ haha

We just find it funny because where you live doesn’t define who you are, you could live on mars and still be into fashion, all it means is you have to travel further to the events than others.

Truth is Pascale is from the Bay Of Islands and grew up in Australia for a big part of her life and Nami is from Germany living between Japan and Germany where her family is from so we are very worldly anyway. It’s not the place you live in, it’s what you make of the place. Hamilton always gets a bad wrap in the media but it has been a great home base for us and we love living here.

What pieces can we expect for Shop SerendipityAve?Genuinely good quality wearable items that just fit right in with items you already own. Our blog was created on the word Serendipity so be prepared for some good fashion ‘serendipity’ finds, some brands we will be dropping over the next few weeks are exclusive to New Zealand so make sure to get right in there.

How often will the store be updated?
This will be weekly at this stage. But knowing us we properly get excited and just upload a whole lot at once, but you just have to wait and see.

Do you work full time?
Yes we do. We have the 9-5 jobs that pay the rent/mortgage, but we are starting to get busier and busier, our goal is to be self employed working for ourselves (in our pjs with a jar of peanut butter if we wanted to).

Just as you were starting to save your pennies, why not shop their wardrobe and find out what they think you should invest in this summer.

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