New Zealand Fitness Blogger Speaks Out Over Calvin Klein’s ‘Plus-Sized’ Model Debacle

As we all heard over the weekend, Calvin Klein launched their first ‘plus-sized’ model. This was followed by outrage – and rightly so.

Sarah Lilly of Fat2FitNZ finds these images particularly disturbing, as a size 12 is not an unhealthy weight for a woman.

She thinks that what is accepted as a healthy weight for a woman is back in the spotlight…The focus should be on being fit and healthy.  “Although I loved all my time in the fashion industry, it did highlight some very negative and unhealthy attitudes about body image. As a curvy woman, I found this very difficult and when I used models who were a size 12, the media would always comment on the fact that I put plus-size models on the catwalk. I have had very unhealthy relationships myself with food and dieting in the past, but I decided that after I had my fourth child, I really needed to make some serious changes and focus on being fit and healthy and be a positive role model for my children.”

The Green Living Show loved this healthy attitude so much that Sarah will be joining Be Fit Auckland, which is new this year at The Green Living Show, to inspire others to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Be Fit celebrates “fit” as the new “skinny.  Fat2FitNZ is a support forum on Facebook which currently has 44,976 active members. The forum is a place where people share, ask questions and vent in a safe and non-judgmental environment.  Sarah says, “I never dreamed that it would inspire, motivate and encourage so many other people who also wanted to become fitter and healthier versions of themselves. I get messages daily from people who want one-on-one support or just someone to talk to who can relate to the ups and downs of a weight-loss journey.”

Joining Sarah at the Green Living Show will be Sharon Lane, Ethical Fashion Advocate.  Rather than fighting for the weight of the models wearing the fashion, she passionately fights for the fair and ethical working conditions of those that craft them.  She writes the Make It Ethical blog online to educate and empower conscious kiwis to make the best buying choices when it comes to fashion and will present her seminar Fast Fashion: A Big Lie?  Athleisure Brand and Sponsor of Be Fit Auckland’s FitCamp, Fitwear, are also on an ethical journey.  As their influence grows they are committed to providing more to the people around them and do their best to empower others.  They are currently working with Child Labour Free as a way to positively impact the core community that supports them.   A side benefit of working with Child Labour Free is that a large portion of the money Fitwear invests in them is put into charity projects supporting child labour free initiatives.

If you are interested in what Sarah and Sharon have to say you can see them at Be Fit Auckland at the Green Living Show over the weekend.  You can also get tips on how to eat well, get fit and transform, through the passion of the exhibitors and the unique new FitCamp, with free pop-up classes that will give show visitors the chance to get involved and experience something new.   The FitCamp is free with show entry, but places are limited, so people are recommended to book their spot today.