Why These Running Shoes May Be The Best Yet

Whether you are a five-times-a-week runner or prefer the occasional run, getting the right running shoe can be a nightmare. We all have different shaped feet, we put pressure in different spots when we run and the feel we like differs, immensely. It is for this reason that there are hundreds of different running shoes and styles out there. This also makes it incredibly difficult to find a pair that suits you.

Now, I have to admit I am not a running-fanatic. I’ll do it when the situation calls for it and, even if I do feel wonderful afterwards, I don’t make a habit of it. But after a recent run, with an enthusiastic Nike runclub leader, I did feel as though I needed to get in the game. More importantly, I finally understood what it felt like to find a pair of shoes that was comfortable to run in.

We went for a run along the Auckland waterfront on a cold, thankfully not raining, morning to try the new Nike Free RN Motion Flyknit.

You may be thinking, ‘okay, another pair of Nike shoes, what’s so special.’ Fair enough, there are hundreds of different styles and it can be hard to keep up and differentiate.

Firstly, as per Nike shoes they look good (Let’s be honest, this is important). When you look at these shoes you think that the wearer must be a serious runner.



My personal favourite part is about these shoes is that there are no laces, which means no need to to stop and re-tie (because let’s be honest, once you stop it’s difficult to get going again).

They are incredibly lightweight like other Nike Free’s, and as my first ‘Free’ experience, I can see why people love them to run it. I felt as though I was frolicking along.  While these shoes are incredibly comfortable, you also feel as though you are running barefoot. We were told they are great for any kind of runner (fanatic or not) because unlike some shoes, they work to your unique stride dependent on your gait (the way your walk) and physique. Most of this comes down to the fact the Nike Free Technology allows the foot to move naturally, as if running bare-foot.

Something special about this shoe is it builds up the necessary muscles in and around the foot for more stability and strength. The unique style of the shoes means that you should slowly make your way up to them due to their light support. This means taking it slow, whether it is a few walks in them first then short runs. As you will feel muscles in feet that you don’t often feel!