It’s Official, Margot Robbie Shares The First Photo Of Her Ring

Keep calm everyone, but Margot Robbie just shared a picture of her incredible ring!

After speculation that Margot married her long-term boyfriend/fiance Tom Ackerley in Byron Bay over the last few days, the actress took to Instagram to share a picture of this beautiful diamond ring!


A photo posted by @margotrobbie on

Before we all freak out and start calling her Mrs Ackerley, we have a few questions…

  1. Are we sure this isn’t simply an engagement ring?
  2. Are we sure the ‘wedding’ wasn’t simply a family engagement dinner?

We need to backtrack a little. It all started when Woman’s Day Australia reported that a ‘friend’ of Margot told them “The Gold Coast was somewhere she always wanted to get married, given it’s where she was raised 
as a kid, on her grandparents’ farm.”

“Tom initially wanted to get married in the UK, but he knows how much it means to Margot 
to tie the knot on home soil and how special it is for her, so he didn’t put up much of a fight.”

Things then got a little crazy when Margot and Tom’s brothers posted photos from a popular wedding venue in Bryon Bay.

So many questions, so little time. Let’s just let the love birds do their thing and we will await more pictures!