Your Boyfriend Has Been Lying To You, Men Actually Enjoy Shopping

How many times do you go to the mall with your boyfriend or husband in tow, with a bowed head and a scuffed walk only to find that when you get to the mall they spend more time in the shops then you?

If you can agree to this you are not alone. That’s right, men actually like shopping. In fact, 22% of men LOVE IT!

According to a recent AMP Capital Shopping Centres’ Study 75% of Kiwi men like shopping and 22% love it.

The study also found that men are increasing the amount they spend on fashion items, hello metro trend!

Gone the days of men judging a good store on whether it had a ‘guys’ area of seats and magazine. Now 56% of men are heading to the mall once a week.

We know what we are doing this weekend!